Health & Safety

Brewfest is back in 2021! We ask that you join us in making Brewfest a safer, positive environment by observing the following health measures and, as always, by drinking responsibly while at Brewfest:

What You Can Do:

The following CDC Guidelines are subject to change and will be updated as soon as possible when additional information is released.

  • The CDC recommends that all unvaccinated individuals wear a mask when attending large outdoor events except when actively eating or drinking
  • The CDC recommends that unvaccinated people in large, outdoor gatherings maintain social distancing whenever possible
  • Review current, up-to-date CDC Guidelines to make informed decisions before and while attending Brewfest
  • Utilize your own designated driver, our designated driver service, or walk to the event! Never drink/bike and drive
  • Respect the safety of those around you

Safety at Brewfest:

  • Brewfest is an outdoor event
  • Brewfest has been moved to August to allow more time for planning and to help mitigate potential risks associated with COVID (and for a shot at nicer weather!)
  • Brewer tents will be arranged to allow for increased distancing, reduced crowding, and better brewer placement during the event
  • Masks and sanitation will be available at several locations during the event
  • CDC Guidelines and local ordinances are being reviewed so that our recommendations contained on this page reflect current health guidelines
  • Designated Driver service will be available to transport attendees back to hotels from the event