Brewer Registration

Regional Brewers are the backbone of this event. We welcome you and greatly appreciate your participation!

This Brewfest will be our largest one yet! Because this year’s will be our largest, we unfortunately cannot take any more Event Brewers, nor offer any more hotel rooms! If you have the means to RV, camp in our lovely city park, and become a Featured Brewer, then we would love to have you! To sign up for this year’s event, please review the Brewer Options and fill out the registration form below by April 28, 2023 at the very latest. Thank you!

All breweries must participate for the entirety of the event: from 5-9 on Friday (including set-up from 12-4) and 2-7 on Saturday (including take-down after 7).

*Please note that all breweries need to be registered to distribute in the state of Wyoming.

Brewer Options

Featured Brewer

Attend as one of our outstanding regional breweries and opt out of a brewer stipend. The donation goes towards helping smaller craft breweries attend, putting on the event, and doing great advertising. Full benefits include:

  • Featured brewer on our website, t-shirt, postcards, poster, additional promotion before the event, and a possible radio interview
  • Free Fremont Area Road Tour ticket
  • 2 Free Brewer Golf Tournament tickets
  • Free wristband(s) for pre-registered pourers at the event

Event Brewer

Attend Brewfest as one of our outstanding regional craft breweries. Receive a $400 stipend for the two days of attendance. Full benefits include:

  • Logo listed on our website
  • Free 2 night hotel reservation
  • Free wristband(s) for pre-registered pourers at the event
  • $400 stipend (Breweries/Cideries/Seltzer-ies only, distributors do not qualify)
  • 1 free Golf Tournament ticket

2023 Brewer Registration

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